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Providing personalized services to meet your unique needs
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Evolution Medical Spa is your trusted choice when it comes to IV therapy in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. We provide hydration therapy, hangover recovery, glutathione therapy, and other wellness services that aim to replenish your mind and body and enhance your health and everyday performance.

Our products and vitamin supplements are made in the U.S. and are purchased from reputable FDA-registered (U.S.) licensed sources. You can also guarantee that our protocols for IV care go beyond hospital standards.


Evolution Medical Spa’s focus is to develop and deliver IV Therapy programs that deal with lifestyle and age-related psychological and physical conditions. Many of these all-too-common disorders disrupt and impact our physical and mental health and performance. They impact our careers, our family life, our relationships, and our emotional connectivity. I wanted our clients to experience the benefit and be transformed in the same way I had been. Our in-house mantra is to always focus on clients’ needs. We appreciate everyone is different and will always endeavor to provide the highest level of privacy and service along with carefully-tailored programs and packages.


Our vision is to be the preferred provider of IV therapy in the communities we serve, promoting positive outcomes and an enhanced quality of life for every people.

You can choose to add and receive multiple IV drips at the time of your visit. You can consult with one of our staff regarding your symptoms and which IV Drip might be most beneficial for you as well. Our highly trained staff will assure that you have the best experience possible. We also provide house, hotel, and office calls for IV Therapy throughout Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. We look forward to meeting you and exceeding all your expectations.